Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Something has happened ...

It isn't much, but it is something! I was at Mike Rose's on Monday night, doing a little ballasting and repairing of a couple track issues. To make a short story shorter, he gave me a small amount of tan colored real rock ballast. Why tan? You ask? Well, the inside of the curve at Cresco, PA has different colored ballast on it than the other, uniform gray side. I had tried making a wash an coloring the ballast on that side, but I was not satisfied with the result. So Mike's ballast did the trick and I hope I have enough to do this one section up.

When I arrived at Mike's he was screening some ballast that he had gotten from Scott Mason, who had gotten in from Ken McCory's. Well, he gave me some of the coarse stuff to try on my layout. I'm not sure about the color ... and it is a little large, but I will use it as accents in other areas ... Let me know what you think ... if you can really see it.

I suppose I should upload some photos of the structure I just completed ... hmmm