Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I haven't died ...

Well, no new photos today, but a little bit of an update. I have not done a lot of work on the RR per se, but for the last month I have jumped into 3D modeling with Google Sketchup with both feet. I have produced several models and had them printed by Shapeways and it is, I must say, very cool. The coolest is my drop in Atlas O to P48 conversion bolster for their Roller Bearing trucks. It makes a several hour job into a several minute job. I got them back from Shapeways and they dropped right into, with no modifications required! I now have a set of RB's with 33" wheels for a boxcar done and one with 36" wheels done. I would have done them both, but I am saving the one on the sprue for the O scale show in Chicago, where I will be speaking about 3D modeling and the future of the hobby. Jeepers, and I've only been doing this for a month!

I hope to have more photos up soon, but I have had issues with the old computer not wanting to upload photos from my iPhone. It seems that when I updated the software, it caused issues with the phone, which, of course, should have been fixed ... I think it is a plot to get everyone to buy new iPhones!