Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wupped ...

Well, for those of you that are actually following this ... not really much has happened in the last week except work. I have done a little ... very little, since I hve worked the last eight days straight. On Sunday, I took a train here:

 That's Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. A place where I live 10 minutes away from and have only ever been to one event here ever, and not when it was the new stadium. I avoid it like the plague during game day, unless I am being paid to come here, that is ...

I found this interesting artifact adjacent to the Whitman commuter rail station ... the old turntable pit with several tracks still there, apparently restored and maintained, very cool!

Now here is another example of why the camera on an iPhone is so cool ... try THIS with an SLR. This photo was taken handheld, no tripod ... It never ceases to amaze me ... Actually, the photo I took resting the phone on the back of my car to steady it, came out worse! Oh, this is the Rhode Island state capitol building in Providence, RI.

That same day, Saturday, instead of going home on my release, I went over and toured the USS Constitution, which is across Boston Harbor from South Station. A 10 minute ride by water shuttle, which was free, being a MBTA employee (sort of), although it is normally only $1.70 for the same ride ... which amazed the two tourists from Toronto, Canada that I met in line waiting to go through security at Charlestown Navy yard ...

Here is a look at the gun deck of the Constitution, one of the crew members (yes this ship is still commissioned in the U.S. Navy and naval officers serve 2 year tours of duty aboard her) stated that while Constitution was listed as a 44 gun ship, she never went out with fewer than 50.

A very interesting day, we had beautiful weather, for October (actually for anytime), just about 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

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